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The Meesha C. Saxton MCS Fund, Inc. (MCS~Fund) is a nonprofit organization empowering individuals with sickle cell disease through education, support services, and advocacy. Our vision is to become the premier resource in Northeast Ohio, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for those affected by sickle cell disease.

The organization is not merely an institution but a beacon of hope and progress within the community. MCS~Fund prides itself on offering a comprehensive range of programs and services that cater to the diverse needs of individuals with sickle cell disease.

Under the two key focus areas, Education and Support and Advocacy, MCS~Fund strives to uplift, educate, and advocate for individuals with sickle cell. The Education and Support initiatives address the complex challenges individuals and caregivers face when dealing with sickle cell disease. These initiatives include education on healthcare professionals, enhanced emergency response support, empowerment through entrepreneurship, peer-to-peer community building, caregiver training and support, support for siblings, and a caregiver volunteer program. Through these programs, MCS~Fund aims to provide knowledge, resources, and a strong support network, ultimately improving the well-being and quality of life of those affected by sickle cell disease.

In the Advocacy focus area, MCS~Fund recognizes the significant lack of education about sickle cell disease in the broader community and aims to address this gap. MCS~Fund is committed to advocating for supportive legislation concerning medical coverage and access to pain management medication for individuals with sickle cell disease. This advocacy effort includes building a task force or coalition, developing an advocacy plan, and launching a population-level marketing campaign to raise awareness and mobilize support for their cause.

MCS~Fund's unwavering dedication to education, support, and advocacy demonstrates a commitment to improving the lives of individuals with sickle cell disease and creating a more inclusive and informed community that can better support those affected by this condition.

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