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Teresa S. McCurry is a dynamic Prophetic Strategist who seamlessly blends ministry and marketplace expertise. Recognized as one of the 2021 Remarkable Women in Northeast Ohio, Pastor Teresa’s influence spans across various sectors, underscoring her versatile capabilities and unwavering dedication. As the lead Pastor of New Beginning Ministries, she has transformed countless lives through her profound biblical teachings and prophetic insights. Her ministry is marked by a deep commitment to spiritual growth and community empowerment, offering guidance that resonates on both a personal and collective level.

Beyond her pastoral duties, Teresa is an accomplished real estate agent, where she brings the same level of passion and strategic thinking to help clients navigate the complexities of the property market. Her dual roles highlight a unique blend of spiritual and practical wisdom, making her a sought-after figure in both realms. Teresa's work in the marketplace is characterized by integrity, excellence, and a prophetic edge that sets her apart.

Her recognition in the 2021 Remarkable Women in Northeast Ohio celebration is a testament to her impactful contributions and steadfast commitment to service. Pastor Teresa S. McCurry continues to inspire and lead with a vision that bridges faith and everyday life, making a lasting difference in her community and beyond.

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